Hello, and welcome to Doug Walker's page. I'm a software developer with a wide background in many areas, including

  • Virtual worlds and environments
  • Distributed computing
  • Commercial C and C++ compilers
  • Game Development, including Game Design, AI, scripting, music, and audio
  • Networking technology, including TCP/UDP, STUN/TURN, and UPnP
  • MPEG video compression/decompression
  • Voice Over IP (VOIP) and Video over IP
  • Java and C/C++ development
  • Web applications (PHP/MySQL)
  • Scripting languages and tools
  • Development methodologies and techniques

I am currently a developer at SAS Institute, Inc., in Cary, NC. Previous employers have included Emergent Game Technologies, Cisco Systems, and SouthPeak Interactive.

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Patent Applications

As of March 2010, I have 7 granted patents and 8 patent applications on file with the USPTO, with others in the filing process. Information on the publically disclosed patents is below.

US Patent #5959690 Method and apparatus for transitions and other special effects in digital motion video
US Patent #7440971 Context based access of files by file system to a client based on detection of related files opened by the client
US Patent #7499998 Arrangement in a server for providing dynamic domain name system services for each received request
US Patent #7457835 Movement of data in a distributed database system to a storage location closest to a center of activity for the data
US Patent #7543020 Distributed client services based on execution of service attributes and data attributes by multiple nodes in resource groups
US Patent #7562125 Techniques for locating distributed objects on a network based on physical communication costs
US Patent #7672373 Digital watermarking of a media stream using coded macroblock types
US Application #20050283645 Arrangement for recovery of data by network nodes based on retrieval of encoded data distributed among the network nodes
US Application #20060117038 Arrangement for selecting a server to provide distributed services from among multiple servers based on a location of a client device
US Application #20060179037 Arrangement for a distributed file system having data objects mapped independent of any data object attribute
US Application #20060179106 Distributed computing based on multiple nodes with determined capacity selectively joining resource groups having resource requirements
US Application #20080215734 Gracefully Changing a Node in a Distributed Computing Network
US Application #20080239997 Distributed Real-time Data Mixing for Conferencing